Getting Started

Preliminary Round


Participating Chefs are required to create and design the ultimate DurianBB cold dessert in four portions, that can be produced in a centralised kitchen and is viral-worthy. Above all, the entire exercise should not cost more than RM30 (excluding cost of durian paste). Creations must be made presentable and aesthetically attractive.


Step 1: Register HERE and make a commitment fee of RM30

Step 2: Collect DurianBB Musang King Paste at DurianBB Park

Once you have been registered, you will receive an email on the specific date and time to pick up the key ingredient, 100g of durian paste from DurianBB Park, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

This visit will also allow you to understand the creativity process and commitment from our staff at creating fun-loving delectables.

Step 3: Develop Recipe

Participating Chefs are required to develop a cold dessert recipe based on the theme as provided above. Dessert recipe should specify the correct measurements and cooking methods that are fit for four (4) portions.

Step 4: Submit Recipe 

An entry submission e-form will be sent to Participating Chefs upon registration. Here's what you need for your e-submission:

  • Two (2) photos of the newly created dessert featuring both top and side profiles;
  • Recipe in .pdf or .doc format

Kindly note that recipes submitted by participating chefs will be the property of DurianBB.


Recipe 0 – 30 points

Clear and standardised recipe with correct measurement of ingredients. Correct methods and preparation techniques for end product.

Originality 0 – 20 points

The originality of the dessert, no duplication of similar works or copy of other works from any other parties.

Presentation and Innovation   0 – 40 points

Excellent combination of DurianBB Musang King Paste with the dessert, and creative presentation of dessert.

Based on the criteria above, 20 entries will be selected and be posted onto DurianBB's social media platforms for an online voting process.

Social Media 0 - 10

Top ten contestants with the most "likes" will receive extra points for their entries.

Thereafter, only 12 of the highest scores will proceed to the Final Round.